Monday, October 3, 2011

Bean Experiment

Problem-Which bean sprout will grow fastest? The bean watered with orange juice or water?

Back round knowledge- Plants grow well in water.

 Hypothesis- I think the bean watered with water will grow the fastest. I think this because the orange juice is acidic and, the plant may not be able to handle that. There for the plant will probably die before it has the chance to grow very much.

 Materials- paper, pencil, two paper cups, 25.1 grams of dirt, 10 mL of water and orange juice, graduated cylinder, scale, safety equipment, two smooth, white beans weighing 5 grams each, ruler

Method-1. Get safety equipment
2. Get two beans two white, smooth beans that weigh 5 grams each
3. Get two cups of dirt that weigh 25.1 grams each
4. Place one bean into each cup half an in. into the cup of dirt.
5. Fill one cup with 10 mL of water and the other with 10 mL of orange juice every two days.
6. Check once a day if any change has happened to your experiment, if so measure then record.
7. Finally conclude your data.


Collect Data- Created a graph and, turned it in.

 Conclusion- My hypothesis was correct because the plant watered with water grew 4.5 in. while the plant watered with orange juice never grew.

 Extended Questions- 1.Would you have the same results if the temperature was 30 degrees hotter in the  room?
                                  2.Would you have the same results if the temperature was 30 degrees cooler in the room?

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