Thursday, September 1, 2011

Revised and Original Methodology

  ~Original Methodology
 Gather materials, once you have gathered materials place some dirt into each of the two cups, then put 1 bean in each cup about half way into the dirt, then pour 10 mL of water into one cup then ten mL of orange juice into the other cup every two days, once the bean sprouts start growing take your measurements, then conclude your data.

  ~Revised Methodology
1. Get safety equipment
2. Get two beans two white, smooth beans that weigh 5 grams each
3. Get two cups of dirt that weigh 25.1 grams each
4. Place one bean into each cup half an in. into the cup of dirt.
5. Fill one cup with 10 mL of water and the other with 10 mL of orange juice every two days.
6. Check once a day if any change has happened to your experiment, if so measure then record.
7. Finally conclude your data.

I needed to re-write my methodology because I didn't number my steps and, wasn't very precise with my original.

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