Monday, August 29, 2011

Internet Safety

My name is Peggy, and I'm a fourteen year old girl from Jackson, Mississippi. It all started Monday morning...the first day of school. Yea, that's right I was the new kid in town and, have tried to put off this day all summer. See my mom had been wanting to move for quite some time now since my grandmothers passing. She said she needed a change in scenery, but I didn't want to move, not away from all my  friends. Though I could see the hurt in her eyes and, how pain she was to be there in my small hometown. Well, since my dad got a great job offer in Jackson it was a win-win situation. For my parents anyways but, that's when things started to change.
  Now here in Jackson my mom seemed to be a little happier since she wasn't reminded of all the memories. Then as for my dad well he's just an easy going person happy to be anywhere. I suppose I should've been happy to but how was I suppose to be happy when Monday morning was right in-front of me and, I could do nothing about it. It was awful walking through those two front doors when all eyes were just constantly staring me down. I felt so lonely. The only place I felt like I fit in was at my home but, even there my parents were off doing there own things.
   It was like this for a while till Kristy came in. She was a great friend or so I thought. We started to share everything  together clothes, hair accessories and, oh yeah...our passwords. I thought I could trust I mean we were friends right? I just wanted to do everything to keep it that way but, I wasn't so lucky. One day Kristy got mad at  me and, wouldn't tell me why. I don't know why she was mad at me but, she just started ignoring me. So later I tried to message her from my account but, it wouldn't let me log in and, I knew I didn't change my password. Then I started getting random texts saying "how could you!?!" or, " are you crazy!". That's when I knew things had gone terribly wrong...Kristy!
   How could she do this to me. Who knows the kind of stuff she could've been posting and, now everyone thinks it's me. It turns out Kristy wasn't even my friend from the start. A group of mean girls sent her over just to get as much information out of me as they could. I should've known. My old friends wont talk to me anymore and, I'm sure not having any luck making any new ones.
  I've heard stories about things like this happening to other people but, I never thought it would happen to me.

Netsmartz inspired me to write this story.